Bounty Hunting In Style: Boba Fett Themed Motorcycle

September 28, 2012


This is Redditor Tattoodle's Boba Fett themed BMW motorcycle. Personally I feel like Boba would be more of a Triumph rider, but what do I know? I'm just a dillweed who spends way too much time thinking about shit that doesn't matter. How many jellybeans could fit inside a motorcycle helmet? I dunno, LET ME THINK ABOUT IT FOR AN HOUR.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups and a bonus shot of the dude's wife posing with handguns that he posted to prove he's not a sexless Star Wars loving virgin.










Thanks to C-Nasty, who I know in real life and really is pretty nasty.

  • Sonik Achee

    In actuality, that's a "Slave-1" themed bike, not Boba. And its alright if you're into the whole "too lazy to do it yourself, pay someone else to do it" thing (very much like a BMW owner, though).lol
    If you would like to see a REAL Boba Fett themed bike...then type #bobafettbike into instagram search. And unlike this guy.... I had the balls and creativity to do it myself.


  • CerebralZombie

    Best bike ever!

  • ZomBBombeR

    If this truely is his lady and not just a BS compensation, he should have taught her how to hold the gun correctly, now I'm sure the mags were emptied but what if a round was chambered? it looks like the beretta is safe but I can't tell for the DEagle I mean I wouldn't wanna get hit with a nine or a .50 but I think we all know what we'd rather be hit with given a choice. but besides the true or false gun and boobs photo the bike & helmet is badass and I'd call it the Slave-6, and as for the photo, if all he was trying to prove is he's not a sexless SW nerd why did he need the girl to hold guns? more so the same object can be conveyed with one gun or the other it's having her hold two guns she has no idea how to opperate that makes the shot look fake. just sayin'. alot.

  • actually the Beretta is NOT safe, the safety level is on Fire as you can see the red dot, I would know I have one. I don't have a deagle and never shot one so I can truly say I can't tell.

  • Trigger. Discipline.

  • Somebody should tell him that the paint is flaking off his bike.

  • Joey Svitek

    His wife has red hair, wears a tank top and wields a Desert Eagle? It's Meryl.

  • dsandman87

    Agreed GW, Boba Fett would definitely ride something more like an old Bonneville Scrambler or a Supermoto-modded big dirt bike. Still, that is a pretty sick K1200R...

  • the antagonist

    One of the sickest modern bikes BMW has ever made. It's a shame they never brought the K1300R to the States.

  • keep your fucking finger off the fucking trigger. She obviously have never shot a real gun before.

  • Guns? what guns?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I know. Just look at her grip. It is way to loose. If she shot off a round in that .50 it would fly back and bounce off her boob.

  • nickanderson1991

    *too *If

  • SoldierZach

    I'd pay money to see that.

  • Last pick is so hot

  • Guest

    This is awesome, well done with the design. Carbon Fiber parts ftw!!!

  • Luka Mlinar

    Who the chick. She's hot as hell!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    This is supposed to be the same woman. You decide.

  • JCB5150

    Holy shit, my balls went up inside me because that image was so hardcore! She's a girl who also flips me off?! NO WAY!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    If the girl with the big "guns" is his wife then why not take a shot of her straddling the bike instead of something that could easily be a stock photo.

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