Borderlands Is Relevant, Right?: Claptrap Groom's Cake

September 20, 2012


So I was going to pick up Borderlands 2 on release day but this week had already fallen to pieces by Monday so I'm going to reward myself with it tonight or tomorrow, then lock myself in the apartment until i beat it/grow a lumberjack beard. This is redditor outbreak86's realistic Claptrap groom's cake because, "My mother in law said I could have any cake I wanted for my grooms cake." Good choice. Not the BEST choice, but if somebody says they'll get me any cake I want you better believe it's gonna be made out of diamond and moon rocks. Plus have a file and buttplug baked into the middle (I'm doing time, brobro).

Hit the jump for several more shots.





Thanks to my buddy Terry, who cut his wedding cake with a custom laser powered mini-lightsaber he attached a knife to, 100% true story.

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