Backpack Couch With Compartments For All Your Stuff

September 28, 2012


This is the $2,060 Eastpak Sofa. It's a little sofa made out of backpack fabric that has a bunch of pockets for all your stuff. Like so many other things, I half want it and half think it's stupidest thing ever made. I would like it more if all the compartments were detachable though. That way when the cops bust in you can just grab the one with the drugs and the one with the parachute and dive out a window. Just make sure the one with the parachute is actually the one with the parachute though. There's nothing worse than finding out your parachute is actually an extra blanket when you're already mid-fall. Back me up, nobody who's alive to agree.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including what the couch looks like IN BLACK. That's right folks -- color options!



Thanks to beebs, who wants a sleeping bag sofa. Now that -- that I would buy.

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