Identity Crisis: Duck-Billed Dog Muzzles (Might Fit Cats)

September 5, 2012


Because your dog is bad enough to have to wear a muzzle, it's probably bad enough to be humiliated at the same time. Enter the ~$25 Quack Muzzle from OPPO in Japan, it makes your dog's snout look like a duck's bill. Probably not convincing enough for your dog to get close enough to a duck to have sex with it, but who wants a duck-humping dog anyways? "I do." Okaaaaaay, well you shouldn't be allowed to own pets. Seriously, they should probably put your picture up at PetSmart.

Hit the jump for another shot of that dog on the left out in the wild with one.


Thanks to laurel, who agrees the dog from Duck Hunt should wear one and act as a decoy.

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