25-Year Old Mauled By Tiger At Zoo After Jumping Off Monorail Into Enclosure To "Be One" With The Animal

September 24, 2012


25-year old David Villalobos was recently mauled by a Siberian tiger at the Bronx Zoo after jumping out his monorail train and into the tiger pen below because he wanted "to be one with the animal." Now I asked my buddy Terry (who is usually full of wisdom and Sierra Nevadas) what the hell 'being one with an animal' means and he acted like I was stupid for asking. He clarified though, that, at least in this case, it does NOT mean have sex with, so that's a relief.

David Villalobos is being treated in hospital for bites on his arms, legs, shoulders and back, as well as a broken arm, leg and pelvis and a collapsed lung after leaping from a monorail train into the den of a 180kg tiger last week.

The 25-year-old, whose condition was described as stable, has been charged after a complaint from the zoo and admitting to police that he deliberately jumped into the enclosure - without fear - because he wanted to "be one with the tiger".

Despite his serious injuries, he claimed he was able to get his wish and pet the tiger - a male Siberian named Bashuta - before his rescue.

Zoo staff has informed the media that the tiger did nothing wrong and will not be put down. Thank goodness. Although I do think the tiger should be reprimanded for not actually eating the guy. I mean, what better way to really become one with something than becoming its nourishment? "You actually make a decent point, GW." Then it'll shit your bones out!

Thanks to Liam, who's never wanted to dive into any exhibits at the zoo except the penguin one because he's not a raving lunatic.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Doesn't he realize that mowgli was friends with the panther bagheera and not shere khan the Tigre?? honestly get it together man.

  • Viral marketing campaign for the Life of Pi movie

  • ZomBBombeR

    Lol no doubt eh?

  • Mephitus Tompouce

    This guy was on 4chan saying he would do it. He was having his 25th birthday, got drunk and jumped off with aide of another 4channer.

  • Bob Thayer

    I read that friends of this guy said he has an unnatural affinity for cats. He even tried to land "on all fours" when he jumped into the tiger enclosure, which is why he ended up with so many broken limbs. Granted, a tiger will seriously screw a man up, enough to snap many bones, but it was his "act like a cat" routine that did serious damage right from the beginning.

  • JJtoob

    The tiger mauled him, must have tasted stupid, then decided not to eat anymore. On Yahoo news it said the guy was with the tiger for 10 minutes. Can't explain the tiger not doing further damage any other way.

  • Guest

    Physically stable, mentally unstable. That's what I'm getting from reading this.

  • hes gay thats why he did it

  • Is that why he wanted to "be one" with the pussy?

  • Marcus Como

    Too bad he's going to survive, the article could have read "Idiot kills self at zoo."

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Why does Darwinism seem to be letting us down lately with these people?

  • ZomBBombeR

    Too many people praying, we need to attack faith for science to pre3vail. lol

  • It used to be "survival of the fittest" but now it's "save the stupid and weak"

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy


    Mike Judge has foreseen the future

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