You're Ugly: Robot Can Recognize Himself In A Mirror

August 22, 2012


Simple -- you're the one with the giant googly eyes and no face.

This is Nico the robot. Nico can recognize himself in a mirror. He's actually been able to do that since 2007, but now he can use the image he sees in the mirror to identify the spacial location of his hands "down to accuracy of 2 centimetres in any dimension." Pfft, big deal. *using mirror to shave, cuts nose off*

Mary-Anne Williams of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, points out that robotic self-awareness is crucial if robots are ever going to work safely alongside humans. "Many robots today not only do not recognise themselves in a mirror, but do not recognise their own body parts directly," she says. "For example, a robot may be able to look downwards and see its feet but not recognise them as its own."

Self-awareness is a basic social skill and without it robots will struggle to interact with people effectively, Williams adds.

First of all, I don't want to work alongside robots. My coworkers are bad enough and they're real people (allegedly). Secondly, how long until the robot evolves some REAL human qualities and starts hating whatever it sees in the mirror? *sticking out beer belly in mirror* I just want to die!

Thanks to Calvin, who agrees the only thing robots need to recognize is that THEY DON'T BELONG HERE.

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