You're Gold Medal Material In My Book: Mexican Gymnast Performs Olympic Floor Routine To Medley of Zelda Songs

August 2, 2012


Mexican gymnastics Olympian Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas performed her qualifying routine for the floor exercise to a medley of of Zelda songs arranged by Lindsay Sterling (of super-animated violin playing fame). Sadly, she took 35th place overall because there are no points rewarded for having the sweetest soundtrack. *throwing chairs* Jesus, what kind of Olympics are you people even running here?!

You can hit the jump for a ridiculously shitty version filmed off an even crappier TV as well and another video of the same routine performed earlier this year, or watch a decent version of the Olympic routine at Kotaku HERE (I recommend doing that).

Thanks to Joe Soap, who told me he was going to perform his floor routine to the theme from Gilligan's Island but sprained an ankle practicing and had to sit out.

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