Your Toes Never Left The Ground: New $315 Nikes Measure Your Vertical Leap (Among Other Things)

August 22, 2012


Because what good are shoes if they can't tell you how high you've jumped, how far you've ran, or how many rain puddles you've stepped in, Nike is dropping these sensor-laden $315 LeBron X high-tops next month. Now I know the burning question on everybody's mind, and no, I'm not going to buy a pair. I MIGHT get a pair of aqua socks.

Nike+ uses built in sensors to measure everything from your steps, lunges and leaps, and sends the data to a smart phone app. Just the thing to help the coach see if you're slacking off during practice.

Alternatively, save yourself $300 and use this simple formula to find out how high you jumped: Do you read Geekologie? Then not high enough to dunk.

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