WTF Did I Just Watch?: Cat Sings Game Of Thrones Theme

August 21, 2012


Big deal, I burped the Ninja Turtles theme song once (but threw up during "heroes in a half shell" part).

In my God it's way too early for this news comes a video of a cross-eyed cat that looks suspiciously like it stuck its face in a dirty hole "singing" the Game of Thrones theme song. It's actually pretty good and the fact that somebody took the time to make it instead of another 'Call Me Maybe' parody restored my faith in humanity a bit. It...doesn't take much anymore. Like when you wake up thinking you don't have anything for breakfast but then finding a toaster strudel in the back of the freezer with not one but TWO icing packets. *sobbing* I just love you all so much.

Hit the jump for the am I high or did that cat say my name at one point?

Thanks to Dougstreme, arguably the most extreme Doug you'll ever meet. Then light yourself on fire and do a stunt!

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