Probably Not What Batman Would Carry: Batarang Knives

August 23, 2012


These are some officially licensed Batman TWIN BLADE folding knives. My God, Wayne Enterprises has gone downhill. They cost about $9 and come in different colors so you can accessorize any outfit. "But why do they have two blades?" To hurt yourself, silly!

Thanks to carey, who told me if she's gonna accidentally stab herself it's gonna be the old fashioned way: running with scissors.

  • Deksam

    No pictures of them closed... odd.

  • Harshit Gupta

    These Batarang knives are very amazing and gives a hint of Batman touch to it, which makes it my best buy. These knives looks to be quiet convenient to handle because of its grips.

  • Julio Juarez

    Meanwhile, MoH gets critizism for sponsoring weapons and selling an official game tomahawk. It was bad enough that they had to take down the tomahawk offer.

  • batdog

    Old news is at least 2-3 years old.

  • gob

    i stabbed you, damn now i stabbed myself. I stabbed you again, damn now i stabbed myself again. i..

  • JCB5150

    Good to know I'm not the only one who talks out loud while stabbing. Our victims deserve narration!

  • ZomBBombeR

    I prefer exaggerate sound effects. fwt fwt fwt!!!

  • Dante Valdez

    I have one of these. They're fuggin' awesome. Useful for scaring the crap out of people by whipping it out real fast and yelling in your batvoice: "PRAY TO ME."
    Then again, I go a bit psychotic when handed knives as beautiful as these.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I actually had the oppertunity to buy a set of these, I inevidably declined though becuase they're less than useless as an actual throwing weapon, and fairly useless in the hand to hand department, if Batman wouldn't use it why should I?

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