We're All Gonna Die: Scientists Create Cyborg Flesh

August 31, 2012


Scientists at Harvard University have created a cyborg tissue consisting of lab-grown flesh embedded with nano-wires that has the same "sensing" properties as human skin. This is all going to end very poorly. Probably with an army of cyborgs that look human.

'Ultimately, this is about merging tissue with electronics in a way that it becomes difficult to determine where the tissue ends and the electronics begin.'

The [Harvard] Gazette notes that the researches initially worried about how the 'skin,' once implanted, would sense and react to chemical and electrical changes.

Normal human skin is capable of sensing oxygen, pH, and other elements in the air, and reacts to each one accordingly.

The challenge, then, was engineering skin that would do the same.

I'm sure there actually are some positive applications for this technology like aiding those who have lost limbs, but you know what? If I lose my arms I don't want cyborg ones. I want legs. Then I could finally run on all fours and start a new life with my animal friends in the forest.

Hit the jump for a microscopic view of the stuff.


Thanks to AJ, my pal SonicAlligator, Ryan, carvin and Shegs, who agree the only skin robots should have is the gross kind that forms on the top of pudding when you cook it.

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