Two Planet, Two Star "Tatooine" Solar System Discovered

August 29, 2012


A new solar system (full disclosure: actually billions of years old) with two planets orbiting twin suns has been discovered. It's not the first planet discovered to be orbiting two suns, but it is the first system with MULTIPLE planets orbiting twin suns to be found. Outerspace: it's f***ing nuts out there. Just absolutely bananas.

Most stars like our sun are not singletons, but rather come in pairs that orbit each other. Scientists had found planets in these binary systems, so-called circumbinary planets with two suns like Tatooine in the "Star Wars" universe.

"Kepler-47 shows us that binary stars can have close-in planetary systems, just like the ones we see in single stars," study lead author Jerome Orosz at San Diego State University told "Most of the stars in the galaxy are in binary or higher-order multiple systems, so the fact that planetary systems can exist in these types of systems is important. If we were restricted to looking for planets around single stars, we would be missing most of the stars in the galaxy."

I love how nobody would care about this unless Star Wars existed. Planets orbiting binary stars? Pfft, big deal. Wait -- like Tatooine in Star Wars?! HOLY SHIT BRO, NO WAY. That's sick!

Thanks to kellyannimal and Inky Bloc, are holding out for a solar system with a STAR orbiting a PLANET. Now that -- that would really be something.

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