Troll's Eye View: Rooms Look Weird Viewed From Beneath

August 20, 2012


As a pathetic man-child who's no stranger to passing out drunk on the bathroom floor, I've gotten an ant's eye view of the room on several occasions. Some weeks more days than not. But enough about my debilitating life-coping mechanisms, this is a series of photographs by Michael H. Rohde titled 'From Below'. From above? That's where rain and bird shit come from.

...the images look as though they were shot from beneath invisible floorboards. They're actually composite images created using hundreds of individual photographs. Rohde carefully captures the various parts of the room (and objects within) from below, and then stitches the pieces together seamlessly to obtain his trippy final products.

As small as that bathroom is, it's probably the exact same size as mine. The only difference is I don't have MIRRORS ON THE CEILING. That's too kinky even for me. Or is it? *looks up, waves to myself sitting on the shitter*

Hit the jump for several other rooms that got the same treatment. Also, I realize those might not actually be mirrors on the ceiling now that I look at them, but what's a GW to do? SPOILER: not re-edit.




Thanks to Gerry, who doesn't believe in looking outside the box. It's dangerous!

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