There Can Be Only One: Game Of Thrones RISK Set

August 16, 2012


This is a custom wooden Game of Thrones themed RISK set made by artist Fay Helfer. Hopefully it'll spur Parker Brothers to make an officially licensed version, because I would play that. I'd also brandish a sword at the table and drink mulled wine. Or wine coolers, I don't care, the important part is the sword. Shit, now I want a shield too. And some chain-mail. You know what? Let's just forgo game night and beat each other with sticks in the woods behind my parent's house. "LARPing?" I prefer to think of it more of a forest fight club. "It's LARPing." Not so loud bro I have a reputation to protect here. "GW is a LARPer." THIS DUDE KISSED A COUSIN AND DOESN'T PICK UP AFTER HIS DOG!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




  • The actual Game of Thrones board game is way better than some crappy Risk knock-off.

  • zeldasbff

    That's beautiful.

  • sandul

    risk with only... 8 or 10 countries? sounds like a bad game of risk. you need like 20-30 territories... not saying you couldn't make that map into 30 territories, but as is, is simply cool design.

  • Wistaire

    Look again, the 'countries' are split up in regions/territories. Looks perfectly playable-

  • Tim Marshall

    Those hairlines aren't regions/borders- they are roads. This is straight from the book map.

  • Ry Keener

    I wonder how balanced and playable the game is. It looks like an interesting variation on Risk.

  • ScombroidCrwth
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