Those Exist: Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Character Popsicles

August 9, 2012


This is a line of sci-fi/horror movie character popsicles from ice-cream maker/clothing company Stoyn. Mmmm, black licorice, hands down one of the most disgusting flavors known to man (this man anyways -- and I've drank curdled milk). Apparently they're actually making all these popsicles, so they're not just limited to computer renderings. And who wouldn't want a tomato/hot pepper flavored Freddy pop? Or a celery/melon flavored Predator? I doubt the Hellraiser one is actually going to come with all the pins in it though -- that's probably not FDA approved. I say let the people eat what they want!

Hit the jump for the rest.







Thanks to Robin, who, like me, will just stick to Otter Pops and Flintstones push-ups.

  • Taylor Love

    those would be nearly impossible to get out of a mold without breaking them. and some have way to much depth to even have come out of a mold

  • Taylor Love

    I Call Shenanigans. There is no way.

  • MarkTemporis

    The Pinhead one is the only one that sounds any good, but are those pins actually edible?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    At least they are using Doug Bradley as the model for the Pinhead one and not that douchebag they had in the last movie.

  • I don't like liquorice.

  • I'm all for the whole artisanal ice cream craze, but these flavors sound disgusting. Also, you just know these popsicle shapes will not look as nice as these mockups. As close as those misshaped, Mickey Mouse ice cream pops from ice cream trucks look like the real deal.

  • They don't look too bad.

  • Pretty cool to look at but most the flavors sound nasty.

  • Guest

    The flavors seem pretty fitting. They should also consider a dragon-fruit Godzilla pop. :d

  • Jo Edwards

    Aside from the cheesecake, these are the worst flavors I've ever seen.

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