Teenage Pot Smoking Linked To Future IQ Decrease

August 28, 2012


Starting to smoke pot regularly before you're 18 may be linked to a permanent decrease in adult IQ, according to a recent study performed in New Zealand. Truthfully, you probably shouldn't be REGULARLY smoking too much reefer before you graduate high school anyways. What are you, buying that shit with your allowance? "When did you start?" DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO. So much regret.

More than 1,000 study participants from New Zealand were tested for IQ at age 13 - likely before any significant marijuana use - and again at age 38.

In addition to IQ tests, participants were given five interviews between ages 18 and 38, including questions related to their marijuana use.

Researchers compared their IQ scores at age 13 to the score at age 38 and found a drop only in those who had started regularly smoking pot by 18. Those deemed marijuana-dependent in three or more surveys had a drop averaging 8 points. If a person had average intelligence and was smarter than 50 percent of the population, dropping 8 points would give them a score only higher than 29 percent of the population, the researchers said.

Among participants who'd been dependent at 18 and in at least one later survey, quitting didn't remove the problem. IQ declines showed up even if they'd largely or entirely quit using pot at age 38, analysis showed.

Admittedly, the study doesn't sound too conclusive, but I wouldn't be surprised if the results are accurate. I was actually a drug testing operative for the government for part of my youth, and look at me -- I am DUMB. My IQ's probably half of what it was at 13. Another six points lower and I should be good. "You're crazy!" Am I? Or is ignorance bliss? *drooling* "Do you...?" Need a wet nap? Yes.

Thanks to Zach, creeper and Whatever, who are having a real hard time caring.

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