Spoiled: Couch With Integrated Habitrail For Your Cats

August 2, 2012


This is the Cat Tunnel Couch from Korean designer Seungji Mun. It has an attached habitrail passage for your cats to play in. Unfortunately, it looks like you can't take the tube all the way apart, so if a cat decides to puke in the right elbow you may just have to deal with it until it dries up and the smell goes away. I also like how it has that opening at the top so your cats can sneak-attack the back of your neck when you're trying to watch a movie then retreat into the tube. God, I just love when they do that. DON'T I LITTLE GUYS?! *waving broomstick around in habitrail* If you two think I'm not gonna leave cat treats on the far side of a filled bathtub tonight you have another thing coming! SPOILER: it's a bath. (It's cool guys, they can't read)

Thanks to Zaxx, who, based on his name, I'm going to assume is from outerspace.

  • As any cat owner knows ... threre is a correlation between the amount of money you spend on an item for your cat, and the amount of interest the cat will show... ie, you'd drop a thousand on this sofa, and the cat MIGHT go through the tube ONE time...

  • Patricia Moake

    100s of toys here for the cats. they prefer the rings from milk jugs, twisties, grocery bags, wadded kleenex, qtips. Poor babies have no proper toys! just boxes full of them!

  • Ramuran

    A version of this for my ferrets = yes :D

  • Jennifer

    that's exactly what I was thinking. Im going to build one for my ferret now.

  • Ed

    Gonna be a bitch finding the remote, but you can totally hide your stash in there.

  • GirlFromSpace

    As a crazy cat lady, I need this....

  • all fun and games until there is a shit

  • Should be fun to clean up after the cat vomits in there.

  • $18922249

    Funny the things that higher mammals will do when under the influence of Toxoplasma gondii.

  • FreeApp Andro

    haha, very funny. better off with toxoplasma than human sarcasm. that's a disease, too, u know?

  • $18922249

    I am a research biologist who has in the past studied it. I know what it is. Using the mouse as the secondary host, toxoplasma contributes to a number of neurological effects. These include inhibition of fear of cat urine, so that the mouse will be consumed by the cat and thus the life cycle is completed for T. gondii. T. gondii is a serious brain parasite which humans apparently tolerate because "cats are cute". If I had it my way, cats would be banned immediately. The impact that this one parasitic eukaryotic microbe has had on the evolution of human culture cannot be understated.

    Sarcastic enough for you?

  • rikster81

    why would you want pussy hiding in the couch, dont you want pussy on the couch, just saying

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