Spoiled: Couch With Integrated Habitrail For Your Cats

August 2, 2012


This is the Cat Tunnel Couch from Korean designer Seungji Mun. It has an attached habitrail passage for your cats to play in. Unfortunately, it looks like you can't take the tube all the way apart, so if a cat decides to puke in the right elbow you may just have to deal with it until it dries up and the smell goes away. I also like how it has that opening at the top so your cats can sneak-attack the back of your neck when you're trying to watch a movie then retreat into the tube. God, I just love when they do that. DON'T I LITTLE GUYS?! *waving broomstick around in habitrail* If you two think I'm not gonna leave cat treats on the far side of a filled bathtub tonight you have another thing coming! SPOILER: it's a bath. (It's cool guys, they can't read)

Thanks to Zaxx, who, based on his name, I'm going to assume is from outerspace.

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