Space Is Making A Comeback: Curiosity's First Color Shot, High-Res Shot And Video Of Rover's Descent To Mars

August 7, 2012


This is the first "true-color" shot from the Curiosity rover beamed back to earth from the surface of the red planet some 352-million miles away. The ridge in the background is the north wall of the Gale Crater, or, as at least one blogger suspects, a Hollywood backlot recreation of it. Unfortunately, apparently even a $2.6-billion budget can't build a robot that can hold a camera straight. I bet it shoots all its iPhone videos in portrait mode too. God, even WALL-E knows better than that and one time he took a picture of his own eyeball trying to get a shot of EVE.

Hit the jump for a higher-res black and white shot taken earlier and a time-lapse video of Curiosity's decent to the planet.


Thanks to everyone who sent these, if I had to pick a team to explore the red planet you'd all definitely be included. Me? I'd stay here on earth screaming, "OMG, ALIENS!" into my communicator just to keep you on your toes.

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