Six Out Of Twenty-Two Liquor Stores Sell Booze To Teenager With Fake 'King Of The Hill' Cartoon ID

August 24, 2012


Six out of twenty-two stores unknowingly participating in a recent sting in Nottinghamshire, England sold booze to a kid using the above ID, which not only states that the boy is 17, but also has a picture of Bobby Hill from 'King of the Hill'. Another seven stores sold him alcohol without even asking for ID. That makes it a 13/22 success rate. Me? I used to know a bar I could get into with my Blockbuster card. I think there's a lesson to be learned here but I forgot my lesson plan at home so we're just gonna watch a video instead. *putting in VHS tape* Okay now this is a solo scene I did for a softcore film a couple years back.

Thanks to beebs, who gets carded everywhere except the zoo and only because they don't sell booze there LIKE THEY SHOULD.

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