President Obama Answers ?'s On Reddit, Crashes Site

August 30, 2012


President Obama took to Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday to answer questions from Redditors and, in the process, brought down the site. "DOMESTIC CYBERTERRORISM?!" No, just too many users you f***ing crazy person. You can read the whole interaction HERE, but I'm just gonna copy/paste a question and answer about space because I love it. I LOVE SPACE, OKAY? God, I just want to kiss it until my face is rubbed raw (in my mind it kind of has a stubbly beard).

Question: Are you considering increasing funds to the space program?

Answer: Making sure we stay at the forefront of space exploration is a big priority for my administration. The passing of Neil Armstrong this week is a reminder of the inspiration and wonder that our space program has provided in the past; the curiosity probe on mars is a reminder of what remains to be discovered. The key is to make sure that we invest in cutting edge research that can take us to the next level - so even as we continue work with the international space station, we are focused on a potential mission to a asteroid as a prelude to a manned Mars flight.

Damn yeah asteroid and manned Mars missions! Of course, Newt Gingrich promised a moonbase by 2020 if elected president, but, honestly, you can't trust any politician. Whisper pretty things in your ear while they sneak a finger in your ass -- that's what they do.

Thanks to bb, JohnnyPie, Zen and keith, who find it convenient the president never answered any questions about the existence of aliens. DUM DUM DUM!

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