Please Tell Me You Cut That With a Lightsaber: 500-Pound, Life-Size Standing Darth Vader Cake

August 29, 2012


This is a 500-pound, six-foot seven-inch Darth Vader cake created by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes, the same folks that made the 300-pound Stormtrooper one earlier this year. Not gonna lie, I probably would have jump-kicked his head off the same way I do my snowmen after they don't come to life. Even with black magic, WTF!

He was served at the 501st Legion Banquet on Friday night as part of the Star Wars Celebration VI event. In total he weighed just over 500 lbs, stood 6 feet 7 inches tall, and fed 600 hungry Legion members. The most interesting and challenging part of this cake was actually the cape, which by itself was over 100 lbs of our marshmallow fondant, which freely hung from his shoulders five and a half feet above the ground. Also of note is Vader's light saber, which was a single, solid piece of watermelon flavored poured sugar.
Total Ingredients:

386 eggs
2 gallons milk
3.5 cups vanilla
118 cups/ 32 lbs flour
103 cups/ 46 lbs sugar
57 lbs butter
210 lbs of our home-made marshmallow fondant

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Because I'm thinking F*** I COULD REALLY GO FOR SOME CAKE AND ICE CREAM RIGHT NOW. Instead all I've got is some cottage cheese that expired Sunday and the spicy pickle-in-a-bag I've been saving for a special occasion. A VERY special occasion, if you catch my drift. I'm talking about my first kiss! I hope it's a girl.

Hit the jump for shots of the build process and Vader slowly getting chunks cut out of him at the banquet.














Thanks to Staci and carsten, who agree that at 500 pounds it sounds like he might have a little Jabba in him.

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