Pixelated Face Mask Keeps You Anonymous, Creepy

August 3, 2012


Plus you look like an oldschool video game character!

This the Pixelhead mask by designer Martin Backes. It has the pixelated image of a face printed on it so all the Big Brother cameras in England can't identify you. Unfortunately, you'll still be pretty easy to identify as "that f***ing idiot in the pixel face mask". Way to stick out like a sore thumb. Me? I stick out like an awkward boner. Martin is actually releasing a limited edition of the masks for a staggering €150 (~$185), so it's definitely cheaper to just cut eye holes in a grocery bag. That's what all my ex-lovers made me do. :(

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Ketzel, who stays anonymous the sexy way: dressing like a lady. I do too sometimes!

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