Pedal-less Bicycle Is Powered By Running (Plus Hills)

August 28, 2012


This is the Fliz bike. Unlike traditional bikes, it doesn't have pedals. You hang suspended from the frame above and run. Or walk. Or speed down steep hills pretending you're Superman. I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm going to die. I have no clue if the bike is even practical, but I ride a skateboard with monster truck tires so I'm probably not the person to ask. Is it even possible to go up hills? How bad does that harness crush your junk? Bad enough to not have babies? Where do babies REALLY come from? Why isn't brobro in the picture wearing a helmet? I'd ride a missile bareback before I'd ride this thing with no helmet on.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of some guy dinging around on the thing.





Thanks to Cody, who still rides an old penny-farthing because he time-traveled here from the 1870's.

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