Operational Skeeball Machine Made From LEGO Knex

August 7, 2012


This is the full-size (looks small to me but I haven't been to Chuck-E-Cheese in a couple months), fully operational skeeball machine built entirely out of Knex by Instructable user Shadowman39. Apparently he comes from a long line of Shadowmen. Me? I come from a long line of dragon slayers. Back me up, dad! Dad? "He's out slaying a frost-dragon." Mom, I'm hungry -- will you make me a sandwich? I'd do it myself but I still have blood on my hands from the dragon I took down this morning. "That was a garden snake." MOM! Not in front of my friends.

This machine is full-size, coin-operated (takes quarters), turns itself off automatically, and counts points using a mechanical counter. And, all of it is mechanical, using only normal motors to power it (no CyberKnex motors). There are six motors used in the machine; four of them are used for just the counter. The only non-Knex parts used are a few rubber bands and the paper for the counter.

This game is a lot of fun to play, for me and my family (my dad has the highest score, over 400 points). I've only scored in the 1000 point hole 2 times, and I haven't seen anyone else score that one, so it's very hard to get the ball there. Playing time for one game is about 1:30, plus how long it takes to throw eight balls.

Great job, Shadowman. I couldn't even IMAGINE myself building something like that. Of course I can barely imagine myself getting out of bed every morning, so I'm at a natural disadvantage. Still, you know the one thing it's missing? A ticket dispenser. I've got my eye on a slap bracelet, dammit!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots and a cool video showing it's inner-workings in cut-away form.










Thanks to perril and Bryce, who buy little kids off with tokens to run up the lane and drop all the balls in the center hole for maximum pointage.

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