No Rug Jokes: Persian Style Legend Of Zelda Characters

August 21, 2012


This is a very small series of Zelda characters in a Persian style by DeviantARTist Lenqi. They've got a darker, edgier feel to them, don't they? I wouldn't mind seeing a Zelda game like that. Twilight Princess wasn't bad, but I want even MORE DARKNESS. Just saying, it's gonna take a lot to get me to buy that next generation Nintendo console (I kid, there's no way I'm getting that thing). And none of this "But Zelda is a children's franchise!" business either -- they're all playing Call of Duty anyways. Oooh -- and I think it's about time the franchise introduce a little more sexiness. A 'Hot Lon-Lon Milk' mod if you will. That was supposed to a reference to the Hot Coffee sexy-time mod in 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' FYI. God, I hate having to spell things out for you all the time. Unless they're dirty words, in which case I could do that all day. Just think of me as the 31-year old trapped inside the body of that kid on the back of the bus.

Hit the jump for Sheik and Link.



Thanks to Revan, who wants to see a Samurai version of Legend of Zelda. YES, boner boner boner.

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