Nightmare Fuel: Spider Crawls Into Womans Ear While Sleeping, Lives There For Five Days (WARNING: PICTURE)

August 10, 2012



Because nobody should ever sleep again, a woman in China recently had a spider removed from her ear that had snuck in there while she was napping and took up residence for five days. No clue what it was eating, but my guess is wax. Or lice.

Fortunately for the woman, there was some good news - doctors told her the problem would have been far worse if she had tried to scratch it.

At first the medics planned to use tweezers to grab the spider and pull it out - but they were worried that creature might bite the patient.

Instead, Dr Liu Sheng and his colleagues poured a saline solution into the ear and waited for the spider to leave on its own.

Fingers crossed it didn't lay any eggs...

LOL @ "Fingers crossed it didn't lay any eggs..." Whoever wrote that article should start writing horror novels. Or at least tell scary stories around the campfire. Oooh oooh -- tell the one about the guy with a hook for a hand again!

Thanks to robert and Chaygavvara, who just bought stock in earmuffs.

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