My Feet Could Already Pass: Hobbit Foot Slippers

August 30, 2012


These are $20 'Plush Halfling Slippers' (because why pay licensing fees if you don't have to?) from ThinkGeek. They're the perfect compliment to the rest of your hobbit costume. Don't have a hobbit costume? Me neither. I do wish I was smoking a pipe in the park like the guy in the picture though. Unless he's watching the playground. Then no thank you. I actually used to have a pair of monster slippers that were almost identical to these except purple. Then I caught one of my cats peeing in them. They were still purple afterwards, they were just being purple from the trash.

Hit the jump for a closeup in case you weren't sure just how yellow the toenails are.


Thanks to Banshee, whose email was in all caps and almost shattered my computer screen.

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