Limited Edition Batman And Bane Diesel Watches

August 2, 2012


These are limited edition $325 Batman and Bane wristwatches from Diesel. I'm gonna be honest, for that price I kinda expected the Batman one to come with a mini-grappling hook and the Bane one to come with...I dunno, an explosives detonator or something. God, could you imagine how embarrassed Lucius Fox would be if Batman were caught running around wearing a wristwatch? You're entire superhero-ness depends on gadgets and gizmos, Bruce! You need a laser that shoots the time directly into your eyeball or something. Now if you'll excuse me... Psst, Lucius -- did you finish designing that thing you and I talked about? "The sonic buttplug?" HAHA, WHAT?! Noooooooooo. Jesus bro, not so loud.

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