Let's Burn Some Bras!: Even Robots Suffer From Sexism

August 23, 2012


According to a recent study (because conducting studies on robot sexism are a thing that people actually do), robots suffer from human sexism because, well, I don't know why. I'm reading this crapola the same time you are.

Previous research on gender effects in robots has largely ignored the role of facial cues. We fill this gap in the literature by experimentally investigating the effects of facial gender cues on stereotypical trait and application ascriptions to robots. As predicted, the short-haired male robot was perceived as more agentic than was the long-haired female robot, whereas the female robot was perceived as more communal than was the male counterpart. Analogously, stereotypically male tasks were perceived more suitable for the male robot, relative to the female robot, and vice versa. Taken together, our findings demonstrate that gender stereotypes, which typically bias social perceptions of humans, are even applied to robots.

Shocking, we apply the same gender stereotypes to humanoid robots that we do to actual humans. Thank God I was sitting down when I read it! *fanning face* That was a close one.

Thanks to V, who agrees the only thing humans should apply to robots is dynamite.

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