Legend Of Zelda Heart Piece, Rupee And Triforce Soap

August 14, 2012


Cleanliness is next to godliness. I think that's an ancient proverb or something but I just remember it from that one Smashing Pumpkins song. You ever bathed with a Zora before? Me neither, but I would be willing to. Same goes for a Goron. These are a series of Zelda soaps from Etsy seller SmallThingsForSale. Anybody else out there play the game where you try to hold a slippery bar of soap between your buttcheecks for a whole shower? Sometimes I'm so good at it I don't even realize it's still there when I go to bed.

Hit the jump for some closeups and the triforce and rupees and some bonus Mario coin ones.







Thanks to Nick, who still uses soap on a rope. Me? I have a shower scrunchie.

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