Karma: Man Steals Ebola Patient's Phone, Gets Disease

August 31, 2012


Picture related: phone I wouldn't touch.

A Ugandan man was recently hospitalized after stealing a quarantined ebola patient's phone, and contracting the disease himself. Wow bro, stealing from people in the hospital -- really? "They were gonna die anyways!" You're sick.

The unidentified, 40-year-old thief took a $23 phone from a patient at Kagadi Hospital, where several people were quarantined during a recent Ebola outbreak in the area. The patient has since succumbed to a deadly hemorrhagic fever stemming from the virus, but reported the phone missing shortly before he died, the Global Post reports.

Investigators tracked the swindler after he started making phone calls to friends and it wasn't long before the thief began showing symptoms. He checked himself into the same hospital he'd stolen the phone from and confessed his crime to police. Doctors said he is currently being treated.

It sucks the original owner didn't live to hear the thief contracted the disease, that would have at least sent me to heaven smiling. "Serves that piece of shit right," my last words probably would have been.

Thanks to Brian M, who agrees justice is a dish best served by a waitress who regularly stops by your table to make sure you don't need drink refills.

  • that's What i call news.... :)

  • ZomBBombeR

    Ahahahahaha......Karma Bitch! lol idiot low life.

  • jimmy

    That'll learn 'em

  • itsme!!

    you cant get treated for ebola...sooo, when they say he's currently being treated, they are currently watching him die?

  • Guest

    Karma isn't joking around when it comes to thievery, especially from a sick patient. :D

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    now how do we incorporate this into our every day lives? our cell phones, computers, cars....all the stuff that gets stolen. the moment it gets stolen the device releases the ebola virus on the thief. now that would be cool.

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