Just Like Earth!: Evidence Of Plate Techtonics On Mars

August 10, 2012


Well folks, it's my birthday weekend (I turn 14 on Sunday) so I'm gonna head out of here (and possibly never return!), but not before some EXCITING news about plate techtonics on Mars. Me? I eat on paper plates, but that's just me and probably the most fascinating thing you'll learn all day. Stay tuned for what I have for dinner! EARLY SPECULATION: a dozen beers.

It turns out that Earth is not alone when it comes to plate tectonics. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Earth and space sciences professor An Yin has discovered that Mars is in the early stages of plate tectonics, providing a "glimpse of how the early Earth may have looked," said Yin via a university news release Thursday.

"You don't see these features anywhere else on other planets in our solar system, other than Earth and Mars," said Yin via the release.

You don't really care, do you? Here I am TRYING to science you, and you don't even give a shit. Well what if I told you Mars' plate techtonics were the result of having a LIQUID QUESO INTERIOR? "I'd say you're lying." I am, the moon really does though.

Thanks to Dustin, who already started penning 'Journey to the Center of Mars' which is gonna be a best seller because I just wrote a review to include on the dust jacket: "Great coaster -- multiple drink capacity."

  • Did GW died?

  • Nele Abels

    "Tectonics" without the "h" is derived from vulgar Latin "tectonicus" i.e. "building".

  • lordpikachu

    happy bday gw! i would send you a lego set, but that would involve some stalking to get your address

  • aoifem10

    Happy birthday for tomorrow GW! Love, Ireland

  • lorrrd

    HB GW !have an excellent 1 !! Simba - thx 4 scienting us !! (mean it !) - martians are the new evangelicons i heard - kk only rumors but word is up - nice WE !!

  • Jonathan Trovillion-Griffin

    I'm going to assume mars looked much like earth along time ago but its core cooled down and eventually it became the way it is now.

  • I think the sun is slowly pulling all the planets closer to it, and Mars used to be in the "life zone" that our earth is in now. I have no scientific evidence for it, but it just makes sense to me. So does what you said too.

  • jimmy

    If Mars "used to be in the "life zone"" , and the Sun is " slowly pulling all the planets closer to it", it wouldn't be further away from the Sun then we are!

  • John Harmon

    That's not really what happened. What scientists believed happened was
    Mars' core just cooled down, as Jonathan pointed out. Mars' moon is much
    smaller than ours, which attributed to that. Our moon's gravitational
    pull is so strong, it not only causes tide in the oceans all over the
    planet, it actually helps "churn" our core and helps to keep it going.

    Because Mars' moon isn't as big, it just wasn't able to keep the core
    going, so Mars eventually cooled down. If we had been stuck with a much
    smaller moon, the same thing most likely would have happened to Earth as

  • Happy birthday GW! Sorry for doubting you earlier...

  • Vladplaya

    It turns out that Earth is not alone when it comes to plate tectonics." No fking joke... I could have told them that years ago without any degrees or studies.

  • It's truly a shame that they didn't call you back then. It would have saved many people a great deal of money and effort.

  • First ?

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