It Has LIGHTS: Star Trek Borg Cube Wedding Cake

August 6, 2012


Redditor pat_inthehat has an aunt who makes wedding cakes. And this is the Borg Cube one she recently finished for somebody's reception. No word if they had an Enterprise shaped pinata too, but it would be a shame if they didn't. Scanning the comments, several Redditors pointed out the fact that there's a Ferengi ship flying around the right side of the cube, but the Ferengi never fought the Borg. You know what I said? "Seriously guys? I'm way too drunk for this dork-talk right now. Tell them to save a piece with a lightbulb for me."

Thanks to Morgan, who took the time to tell me about the Allspark cake he wants at his wedding. Hey -- baby steps, Morgan. You have to find yourself a mate first.

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