INTENSE: Old Spice Interactive Muscle Music Cacophony

August 28, 2012


This is an interactive video of former NFL player and current actor Terry Crews with a bunch of electrodes attached to his various muscle groups that allegedly activate various musical instruments. He plays for a little while, but afterwards you can record your own jam by mashing the buttons on your keyboard like a crazy person. Are the electrodes ACTUALLY playing the instruments? I doubt it. I've been wrong before though. Granted that was a single question on a multiple choice test in college that I didn't fully erase my other bubble for, but still, the Scantron machine marked it wrong.

Hit the jump, watch a lunatic yell and flex for 75-seconds, then get your just-the-right-amount-of-homoerotic one-man jam-band on.

Thanks to IuseSpeedstick and Jaime, one of which uses Speedstick, the other...Secret? Burt's Bees? That weird f***ing crystal you rub in your pits? I give up, just tell me.

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