INSANE Batcave Inspired Home Theater Being Built

August 3, 2012


This is the insane Batcave inspired home theater setup being built for an Elite Home Theater Seating client in California. It's nuts. "Like pistachios?" EXACTLY like pistachios. Hands down my favorite nut.

For this months "Theater of the Month", we bring you our newest concept, the Dark Knight Theater. Our goal was to fuse together the cozy elements of Wayne Manor, with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City.

Please note that Elite HTS is only a design consultant for this particular project in California. We are not handling the construction, and we are only providing the theater seating for it.

You have to hit the jump to see the Batcomputer behind the seating and the bookcases on the left that open to reveal the garage for a Tumbler replica, which -- is the client actually going to have one? Because if so they're too rich. Also, I'm willing to go gay for money -- just throwing that out there.

Hit the jump for the rest of the shots.




Thanks to R-Man Action!, who has a Superman Fortress of Solitude themed home theater, so there!

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