I'm On To You!: Wall Shelf Moonlights As Secret Drawer

August 20, 2012


This is the Clopen Shelf from Torafu Architects. It might just look like a plain old shelf, BUT IT CONTAINS A HIDDEN DRAWER FOR VALUABLES. Don't own any valuables? Welcome to the club. The drawer is only 23mm (~0.9 of an inch) tall though, so you can forget about stashing a big ol' dildo in there. *shelf buzzing* A teensy vibrator, yes.

Hit the jump for a couple more product shots. The wooden looking handles are actually magnets used to open the drawer so it stays super incognito when not in use. The jar full of sprinkles with a tree poking out the top? A magic potion.




Thanks to Lizzy, who, like me, doesn't own any valuables because she doesn't believe in accumulation of material wealth. Wait, WHAT?! I just don't have any because I sold them for drugs.

  • Benoit Leterme

    Looks like the key to open the drawer is hidden IN the drawer...

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    at least it will be safe

  • Best friend of battered Japanese housewives planning and saving for a future escape. Jewelry for bartering, fake passport, switchblade, and key for a locker holding a disguise and luggage.

  • That is awesome- I would think most thieves wouldnt think of checking the shelves

  • luxlucetintenebris

    Well they wouldn't till they see this article!

  • LOL true - but I bet it would still be overlooked when they are in a hurry

  • Guest

    Secret or not, it is a good way to save space. *adds to wishlist*

  • Sergeant_Poop

    Although, could the stuff that fits in the drawer really take up that much space?

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