I Had A Birthday, It Was A Success

August 13, 2012


Note: Not my cake but that would have been cool.

So I had a birthday yesterday and it was a huge success provided success is measured in near-death experiences (which it is). August 13th is always International Left Hander's Day so I'm celebrating that today because I'm a southpaw. I'll be back tomorrow. Oh -- and thanks for all the presents, jerks.

  • Happy day of birth man!! Aw man im a south paw too and i am afraid of that numberD:

  • ThatGuy64

    From one lefty to another, Happy Belated Birthday

  • Happy Birthday, GW! More Gwawsome! :D

  • Happy Birthday!! It was my birthday too ^-^ big 19!

  • Cortney Peacock Jacobs

    <--would totally send you a present if you had a safe way to give us a mailing addy...maybe a PO box? Dino cookies? MAGIC dino cookies? :)

  • Smivey

    Now that your birthday is over, I can suck all the joy out of your day by pointing out the comma splice in your headline. Those are two sentences. Use a period.

  • Happy Birthday GW!

  • I would have bought you a drink but you know..... YOU DIDNT CALL ME BACK!

  • Mish Tran

    My birthday too! and for hundreds and thousands of people out there too....

  • MaximumTWANG

    i love you GW...

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Here.....I got you a Dinosaur Ninja. Bitches love
    Dinosaur Ninjas.


  • Happy Birthday Captain Awesome!

  • Thomas Wyndham

    For two years now, I have planned awesome birthday parties. Last year, I
    invited 30 people, but only 4 came, this year, no one came.

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday, GW! Why didn't you have a dinosaur cake?

  • Lee

    Happy Birthday GW! I had a shot of rum for ya!

  • n11

    Happy. Birthday. You...deserve it. You crazy dinosaur-obsessed quoting geekologie writer you!

  • Happy Birthday. Many pleasant returns.

  • TheCheapGamer

    You must of misplaced my invite, don't let it happen again.
    I would of taken you to the zoo and we would of rode the giraffes man!

  • I didn't have a birthday today, but I *DID* have a court date to fight a ticket which would have resulted in a suspended license EXCEPT THE COP DIDN'T SHOW THANK GOD!

    Happy Birthday.

  • My birthday was yesterday! You're either a clone or my evil twin, either way though...where the fuck is my dinosaur cake!

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