Human Sized Go-Cart Made Of LEGO (Well, Mindstorm)

August 29, 2012


This is a go-cart made by Eric Seenstra using nothing but LEGO pieces. It actually goes (although apparently it's a work in process and can't be steered yet), can carry at least the weight of at least that skinny kid in the picture, and probably won't win in a round of Mario Kart. You know who will though? Me, playing as Yoshi. And if you do manage to beat me I'll slap the controller out of you hand and accuse you of cheating. I'm a poor loser. Also: literally poor. You know what I had for breakfast and lunch today? Dinner last night. :(

Hit the jump for a video of the thing actually going, but don't expect to see any land-speed records being broken.

Thanks to Lambro, who built a go-cart out of matchsticks but it caught fire when his exhaust pipe got too hot. Sucks, brobro, maybe not use matchsticks next time.

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