Sharing A Heart: Portal Themed Engagement Ring Set

August 6, 2012


This is a set of Portal themed engagement rings created by DeviantARTist fairyfrog for a couple who are, how should I put this, in the loves. Speaking of the loves -- when I was in sixth grade I liked this girl in my art class but then she called me four-eyes AND BROKE MY CRAPPY HEART. Obviously, for the rest of the semester my art took on a noticeably blue tinge. No, no it didn't. For the rest of the semester I'd go to the clinic after fifth period and pretend I was sick so I wouldn't have to go to art class and see her. She's fat now with a ton of ugly kids though so no worries.

Thanks to Kelten, who apparently knows the artist and might be able to get us a deal on matching Team Fortress rings or something.

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