Sharing A Heart: Portal Themed Engagement Ring Set

August 6, 2012


This is a set of Portal themed engagement rings created by DeviantARTist fairyfrog for a couple who are, how should I put this, in the loves. Speaking of the loves -- when I was in sixth grade I liked this girl in my art class but then she called me four-eyes AND BROKE MY CRAPPY HEART. Obviously, for the rest of the semester my art took on a noticeably blue tinge. No, no it didn't. For the rest of the semester I'd go to the clinic after fifth period and pretend I was sick so I wouldn't have to go to art class and see her. She's fat now with a ton of ugly kids though so no worries.

Thanks to Kelten, who apparently knows the artist and might be able to get us a deal on matching Team Fortress rings or something.

  • glassofwater

    Personally, I find the quality lacking. But neat idea.

  • Pierre Savoie

    Hand-models should CLEAN THEIR FINGERNAILS before photos of rings are taken!!!

  • glassofwater

    Yeah, for reals.

  • Nice collection of engagement rings,heart shape rings are looking very pretty,stylish and unique also these all rings i loves very much.

  • I can't even tell you how much I love this ideal will probably try it soon.Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  • moalinoik

    Online you can find a very nice wedding rings, which are also unique.
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  • Guest

    Wow, what a beautiful ring!!!. I like the design of heart which specially fix on the ring. Gold ring with heart shape looking so beautiful.

  • Marcus Como

    "For the man who can't afford a diamond, and the woman who realizes she doesn't deserve one."

  • Mighty Molecule

    hl3 or GTFO

  • WillyPs

    Portal sucked.

  • Those are so neat.

  • GirlFromSpace

    For those of you that play TF2....I'm a pretty bad ass pyro. you may friend me on Steam if you'd like. Honey_suckle (aka yorUGLY)

  • GirlFromSpace

    OH yea, and sweet rings too. TF2 rings would be cooler.

  • Like the icon on for the short-cut or the badges.

  • kevin dijkshoorn

    yeah, they are cool

  • Guest

    That's sweet, they're crafted very professionally. :D

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