Happiness Sucker: Harry Potter Paper Mache Dementor

August 27, 2012


This is a Dementor from the Harry Potter series made out of paper mache by DeviantARTist Thom Heap to bring to next year's Harry Potter convention Mysti-Con. Me? I'm going to bring chocolate cupcakes. MAGICAL ones. I'm talking about with weed, man.

Hit the jump for a pic of the thing naked and a couple others including one of a wizard preparing to do battle with the thing holding a way-too-small pinata beating sick.




Thanks to my my good buddy Terry, who's convinced we both have Dementors constantly sucking the happiness out of our lives. We actually just started our own support group.

  • All that work and the idiot can't even take a clear picture.. lol

  • Guest

    It looks like it wants a high-five ya' b4 it eats your flesh. XD

  • ZomBBombeR

    You sir, are no Alan Rickman.

  • if i found at my walk way during the night, i will shitbrix.

  • Misanthropist

    Spell-binding! Is it mounted or hanging?

  • Beautiful work with this medium! I love it.

  • You won't be able to stuff much candy in that piñata.

  • ShandoCalrisian

    its obviously photo shopped. the shadows are all wrong.
    Its like that one scene from Never Back Down where Rose demands Jack to draw her like one of his french girls. So he's working on her left tit when all the sudden a huge alien space ship destroys the white house and all the aliens end up stealing skills from all these badass basketball players. So Bill Murray helps Michael Jordan and collect all the rings and defeat Dr. Robotnik.


  • i think your existence is photoshopped . end of discussion .

  • So what makes you think they pictures are photo shopped? The dementor in the pictures was made by a facebook friend of mine.

  • GizmoDuck

    you must be new to the internet. Welcome to the Class of 2007.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    people on facebook are not your "friends"

  • she is my friend.

  • ShandoCalrisian

    <3 Daisy

  • weaselmouse

    I was about to make a crack that you're no Daisy, but now I see you were just making a tribute to her...

    I miss Daisy. *lights a candle*

  • GizmoDuck

    daisy needs to come back

  • I don't get it. Is Mr. Heap sleeping with our beloved GW? Not sure how this got on the site. Have you been hacked?

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