Great Guy: Billionaire Wants To Build Jurassic Park Resort

August 1, 2012


This picture? That's my dream world (except in my dreams it's my peen instead of a flare).

Because some insanely rich people are still decent human beings, Australian 5x billionaire Clive Palmer (the same guy building a replica of the Titanic) wants to clone a dinosaur and let it loose on his property as a sort of ultra-casual Jurassic Park. I know where I want to go for my next birthday.

The controversial billionaire is rumoured to be planning to clone a dinosaur from DNA so he can set it free in a Jurassic Park-style area at his new Palmer Resort in Coolum.

Mr Palmer has, apparently, been in deep discussion with the people who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep to bring his dinosaur vision to life.

So is everyone else sporting a serious case of petrified wood right now, or is it just me? Just me huh? So I guess like, no pretending they're swords and trying to poke each other with them? That's cool, I can save it for the gym.

Thanks to Ian and Rev Doc Dom, who promised to smuggle me onto dude's property in a giant crate marked 'DINO CHOW'.

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