Free As A Fish: Underwater Wheelchairing

August 30, 2012


Seen here proving she's not just limited to taking long ramps instead of the stairs, wheelchairer Sue Austin cruises around in the ocean on her modified wheelchair. No word how many mermen fell in love with her, but I suspect at least one plus a tuna.

With a pair of underwater engines, a custom fin and a foot-operated rudder, she's able to glide around underwater with ease. She made the chair as a performance piece for "Creating the Spectacle!," which is a series of filmed and live artistic exhibitions that will feature Austin and her underwater chair.

Sue says there's been some commercial interest in her underwater wheelchair design, and she's already working on a new version. Fingers crossed it's a Hover Round. Also, I'm gonna need a basket on the front of mine for collecting seashells.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees everything is better down where it's wetter. FACT.

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