For The Ladies: Full Back Hylian Shield Zelda Tattoo

August 9, 2012


You fall out of The Great Deku Tree or something? What the f*** happened to your elbow?

This is a shot of some dude's Hylian shield inspired backpiece inked by Alie K. of Archive Tattoos in Toronto. Is it just me or does that dude's back look massive? I bet if he flexed that thing and jumped off Skyloft he would fly. But enough boner-inducing homoeroticism, I've got actual plans for this guy. "Human shield?" *wink* ZELDA WILL BE MINE.

Thanks to jang, who once made a girl fall in love with him after riding Epona along a beach with her. Oh man, I tried that but my chick got knocked off the back by an Octorok!

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