For The Ladies: Full Back Hylian Shield Zelda Tattoo

August 9, 2012


You fall out of The Great Deku Tree or something? What the f*** happened to your elbow?

This is a shot of some dude's Hylian shield inspired backpiece inked by Alie K. of Archive Tattoos in Toronto. Is it just me or does that dude's back look massive? I bet if he flexed that thing and jumped off Skyloft he would fly. But enough boner-inducing homoeroticism, I've got actual plans for this guy. "Human shield?" *wink* ZELDA WILL BE MINE.

Thanks to jang, who once made a girl fall in love with him after riding Epona along a beach with her. Oh man, I tried that but my chick got knocked off the back by an Octorok!

  • therocc

    one sweet fn tattoo

  • @facebook-100002013142292:disqus Let the haters hate. It's amazing. Stunning and awesome.

  • GirlFromSpace

    As far as man backs go...this is a sexy back..and the tattoo...oops, my panties just fell

  • thank you for the love, I am the person with said tattoo. @n_a_a_s:disqus you do know it's near impossible to line up a symmetrical drawing on someone back right? it doesn't look that symmetrical because I'm not standing my straightest either here's a pic with slightly better posture
    http://goodtattoos.tumblr.c... . As for the line work it could be a little better the outline is pretty damn good I dunno what your saying, but inside the wings with the white ink is kinda fucked I squirmed pretty hard I'm not gunna lie, it hurt like a bitch having the lines put into a tat that had been shaded for 2 hours on each side. All and all I think it turned out pretty well considering she free drew that part and FYI blogger I wish I fell out of the great deku tree, I actually was wasted and climbing trees in a valley by the lake in toronto and fell out of a tree.

  • GirlFromSpace


  • Ed

    needs blue

  • n_a_a_s

    FINALLY A BACK TATTOO that doesn't suck terrible balls of death *points at avatar back tattoo guy*

  • I wish we could see the shoulder pieces. They look like the other two medallions! So cool!

  • Alchemykillr

    I do like it, looks a little askew...little bit off centered and not symmetrical.

  • n_a_a_s

    are you kidding? how anal assed can someone be? SO ITS SLIGHTLY OFF TO THE LEFT big deal... I pity whoever has to listen to your occasional rants

  • Alchemykillr

    LMAO, oh no the almighty n_a_a_s has something "hurtful" to say. My point being was that the line work wasn't done properly for how askew it was. I have tattoos and enjoy them. so actually I was "ranting" as you put it at the artist who did it. But hey you're clearly cooler than me, you find it necessary to reply to practically everything on GW. And I could give two shits about who has to listen to my rants, if they didn't like them they'd tell me to F off, So, by all means, have a nice day and off yourself =D

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