For The Ladies (And Saucy Dudes Like Me): Company Introducing Line Of Latex Star Trek Inspired Costumes

August 2, 2012


This is a line of Star Trek inspired latex outfits to be introduced by Poison Candy Latex at the upcoming Montreal Comic Con. Good start, but you should consider making some of the guy's suits too you know? God, I can just imagine my body tingling in a tight, shiny, mustard-colored Worf bodysuit. What do you wear under these things anyway -- just plain underwear? A thong? Because I'm thinking of wearing a strap-on dildo backwards and pretending I'm a REAL two-peen space alien! "You used that joke a couple weeks ago." AND YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN TO APPRECIATE IT.

Hit the jump for a closeup of each of the models and two of the redhead with her plastic space-titties on display.





Thanks to lacey and Jacqueline, who agree they should sell Captain Picard bald caps too for us cosplayers that really like to immerse ourselves in our roll. Now here -- you put this visor on.

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