EXTREME: $300 Gaming Keyboard Has Five Separate Modular Pieces, Possible Access Port Into The Matrix

August 16, 2012


This is Mad Catz's $300 S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 gaming keyboard. It has more bells and whistles than a bell and whistle factory and is definitely nicer than my laptop's keyboard, but only because my F and M keys are broken and I have to copy/paste them out of a Notepad document whenever I need to use them. "Get a new computer." Oh snap, I didn't realize Mr. Moneybags reads Geekologie. YOU GET ME ONE THEN.

Taking inspiration from the company's modular R.A.T. gaming mouse, the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 boasts a durable metal body, mechanical keys, and five interchangeable components (including the keyboard): a V.E.N.O.M. TFT-LC touchscreen, the main keyboard, four programmable buttons on the Function strip (24 programmable buttons throughout the entire keyboard), number pad and a "3-part active palm rest and two wrist rest" extension.

Listen: I don't care how you spend your money. If you want to drop $300 on a keyboard so you can be the best gamer you can be, go for it. But if that thing sucks you into the Matrix don't email asking me to save you. Text me bro, that qualifies as an emergency.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups and a video.



  • Laoch

    For 300 dollars... Thing thing better be able to go to my next pron video and jack me off -.-'

    On the real side, looks kinda cool. I simply don't have 300 dollars to drop on a keyboard though, and by the time i do this thing will be outta date -.-'

  • I was seriously thinking about purchasing a keyboard for gaming, but then someone advised me to not to go at wrong way. But now once again I see an interesting keyboard to try.

  • Steven Sanchez

    If it comes with Half Life 3 then I dont give a shit about the price...

  • Graig

    meh. what they need are more things like the nostromo. with people gaming more and more on laptops these days who wants a whole gaming keyboard. i don't want to wear out my laptops keyboard gaming on it. i have a nostromo and love that thing. but it needs another row of buttons. oh yeah. and i want it to be mac compatible like the nostromo.

  • JJtoob

    Forgot to add that in their product video someone slipped in a half-life 3 logo (@ 0:22 and 0:37), making a lot of people wonder if that was a hint that it might be released soon. Of course, as someone else pointed out, we might not even use keyboards by then.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    will this help with my porn productivity?

  • I could use a new keyboard...

  • $18922249

    Without a catheter port, I just can't take this thing seriously.

  • Michael Knight

    first world solution.

  • Guest

    The idea of components is pretty clever, can be adjusted to any desired position.

    --Ironic post after the previous post. XD

  • Joseph Dee McGuire

    This just made my Razer Blackwidow look like trash.

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