Exposé: Researchers Use Collar Cameras To Document The Unexpectedly Wild Lives Of Indoor/Outdoor Cats

August 8, 2012


I dunno, I thought it was pretty common knowledge that a cat who's allowed outside will get into any and all the trouble it possibly can. I guess some cat owners just have a hard time accepting their precious little Mittens or Missy is out there running around killing things, hanging out in storm sewers, and having promiscuous sex with multiple partners. Come on, that's all cats do! (Plus sleep. Oooh -- and piss right next to the litter box if they feel you don't clean it often enough)

While only 30% of roaming house cats kill prey -- two animals a week on average -- they are still slaying more wildlife than previously believed, according to research from the University of Georgia.

The cats brought home just under a quarter of what they killed, ate 30% and left 49% to rot where they died.

Seeking a window into the hidden lives of cats, the researchers recruited 60 owners in the Athens, Ga., area. Each owner put a small video camera mounted on a break-away collar on the cat in the morning and let the cat out, then removed the camera and downloaded the footage each night. Each cat's activities were recorded for seven to 10 days. The cats usually spent four to six hours outside every day.

Cats aren't just a danger to others, they're also a danger to themselves. The cats in the study were seen engaging in such risky behavior as crossing roadways (45%), eating and drinking things they found (25%), exploring storm drains (20%) and entering crawl spaces where they could become trapped (20%).

And perhaps most disheartening? Four of the camera-wearing cats were discovered to be keeping entirely different human families on the side. Haha -- Macy only considers herself HALF your cat! Man, that's hurtful. You let her out and BOOM, she's cheating on you with some other crazy cat-lady.

Hit the jump for a video with some worthwhile cat-cam footage.

Thanks to Mycropht, Jonathan, Sputnikk and Evil Ares, who keep all their kitties inside because they heard a story of a chupacabra coming into someone's house through a cat-door once. They'll do that!

  • Umar Said
  • debbiedowner3

    You think that's bad.... you should see what my cat's night is like...

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    Cats are awesome.

  • Dirgible

    Booker T lol.

  • fun fact: leash laws apply to your feline vermin.

  • Dana

    Another fun fact: not in most municipalities. Animal control where I live doesn't even pick them up unless sick or injured. Take your feline hatred elsewhere.

  • Ed

    They'll sell millions of these cat cams and the interweb will be flooded with cat videos like neva before!!!

  • Fun fact! The camera case they're using is a tampon holder. Pause it at 2:02 and you can see "O.B." on the case.

  • Marcus Como

    "I wish he wouldn't go back there." Well maybe you shouldn't let your cat outside then? I think it's BS to say this is "indoor cat behavior" if they're let out. I have indoor cats, they don't go outside, at all, ever. *That* is an indoor cat. "Inside but oh look he wants to go out and play" doesn't count.

  • indoor/outdoor. as one word with a slash. means it does both.
    That these go outside but aren't the mostly feral things you keep in a barn to kill mice, they're still also pets you let sleep inside and feed catfood so they shouldn't need to hunt. Its important classification for how they take their data so it can be interpreted.(that its the minimum a cat will kill if given the chance, and probably the average as well)

    They're the typical house cat that owners let out to "play"(read:kill everything in sight and decimate local mammals and birds(mostly birds, many more songbirds than mice)) The environmentalists want people to know the huge impact their pet has and why cats shouldn't be allowed to do that(need bells by law, or kept inside like yours or something)..Like how dogs aren't allowed to roam and need leashes.

  • hmontaigne

    I believe they found that cats kill far more frogs, toads, snakes and rodents, than birds.

  • I had suspicions but now they are confirmed. GW has changed hands yet again. And im thinking this time its a woman.

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