Drunk Tourist Passes Out On Luggage Conveyor Belt At Airport, Gets Complimentary X-Ray Treatment

August 10, 2012


Sweet guts, bro.

A drunk Norwegian tourist visiting Italy recently took a nap on a baggage conveyor belt and got x-rayed after trying to check in for a flight but finding no attendant at the desk. Because that's what you do when you're drunk and things don't go your way -- you give up and take a nap. Amazingly, the x-ray radiation didn't turn him into CarryOn Man or anything.

Fifteen minutes later, the tourist was traveling deep into the bowels of the "secure" baggage area, where his huddled, drunken form was spotted on one of the X-Ray baggage scanners.

Airport security's reaction? "There's usually an episode like this once a year and we are alert," an official told the Telegraph.

It happens once a year! Oh man, that's great. I wonder how many times a year a tourist pukes in an airport because they were late for their flight and running with a stomach full of Cinnabon. SPOILER: Both times I've flown this year.

  • 'It happens once a year'. Do they mean one person/year, or 1 Norwegian/year?

  • Guest

    That's odd usually they'll briefly review the stuff b4 going in.

  • lordpikachu

    no one saw a guy disappear through the conveyor belt??

  • Jonathan Trovillion-Griffin

    Lucky he was in the fetal position because you can totally see your penis in x-rays.

  • Bubbubsky

    Congratulations, dumb drunk dude! Hope you get your cancer screenings regularly, because it's in your future.
    Maybe if they catch it early, you can be saved. If not....well, a Darwin Award may be available upon request.

  • It reminds me of the scene in Tota Recall (the oldish movie not the new one)

  • Danny Gilbert

    I was talking about this to some buddies over on http://nerdforum.org It's weird that the area around his brain is the same color as the soles of his shoes.

  • gnarlagnarla

    What a fucking moron.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Did they charge him $35 to check himself?

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