Dr. Who TARDIS Mini Dress And Leggings From Black Milk

August 7, 2012


This is a recently released mini-dress (~$105) and set of leggings (~$80) from Black Milk Clothing (of all of these other crazy ladywear things fame). Just a heads up about black milk though: DON'T F***ING DRINK IT. Brown milk? Go for it. Chocolate milk is my jam -- I drink at least a half-gallon a day. Don't believe me? Ask the checkout lady at the grocery store. She's always, "Boy, you must have some strong bones!" And I'm all, "No osteoporosis for me, ma'am!" She always gets a chuckle out of that. Followed by a long, awkward silence where I pretend to read a tabloid or look at the candy.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups including the cut of the back of the leggings which I can only describe as ass-unflattering.









Thanks to carey, who agrees somebody should bring back toga fashion or something for us dudes so we can keep our privates nice and airy and not get swamp-crotch.

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