Dr. Who TARDIS Mini Dress And Leggings From Black Milk

August 7, 2012


This is a recently released mini-dress (~$105) and set of leggings (~$80) from Black Milk Clothing (of all of these other crazy ladywear things fame). Just a heads up about black milk though: DON'T F***ING DRINK IT. Brown milk? Go for it. Chocolate milk is my jam -- I drink at least a half-gallon a day. Don't believe me? Ask the checkout lady at the grocery store. She's always, "Boy, you must have some strong bones!" And I'm all, "No osteoporosis for me, ma'am!" She always gets a chuckle out of that. Followed by a long, awkward silence where I pretend to read a tabloid or look at the candy.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups including the cut of the back of the leggings which I can only describe as ass-unflattering.









Thanks to carey, who agrees somebody should bring back toga fashion or something for us dudes so we can keep our privates nice and airy and not get swamp-crotch.

  • I find the mini dress more stylish rather the leggings.I would like to wear this fabris as a dress.

  • Its cool but i would like to know whether it can fit to a plus size lady or not.

  • HektikLyfe


  • Nic

    If you actually check the web page for black milk properly you will see that they post non model type girls too, plus they have a great community behind the brand
    That embraces all body types. Peace.

  • The Ginger Guardian

    Yeah, obviously they don't know this kind of physique is more common on geek guys than girls. Where's the sexy stuff for all the pudgy geek chicks? Yes, jiggliness can be sexy, too. This chick looks wasted and I'm kind of alarmed at how many people think being underweight is hot. I'd much rather look at a girl with some actual curves in that dress rather than cringe and go "oh, man, someone give her a sandwich".

  • hjkl

    She's obviously not underweight... why hate on thin girls? It makes you no better than people who hate on the 'pudgy.. chicks'. You dont have to put the thin body type down cause you like large women better...

  • personhs

    Grabbed these without any hesitation.

  • Ironic - pull to open! :p

  • kurgen99

    Who is that girl?!!!

  • Boyofbattle


  • Robot

    I want that dress so bad I'm considering what I'm willing to do for it....

  • Robot

    Who cares if she doesn't have a lot of ass or boobs, she is smoking hot and it's fine as long as everything is perky! I'd hit it.

  • I just watched all above pictures where a sexy doctor wore some fantastic outfit. Tight leggings pictures gets my special attention to watch her. She really looks bold, beautiful and sexy too.

  • handicappedentertainment

    I'd still sex her up.

  • Matty Spinny

    hope its not that much bigger on the inside. lol

  • Barry Rowlingson

    I wouldn't know whether to go for the "Like the tardis, I'm also bigger on the inside" line, or something to do with needing my sonic screwdriver to get into it. Either way I'd probably get slapped.

  • Robot

    If my bf said either of those comments he would get laid on the spot. Too bad he doesn't like the show.

  • They're quite nice.
    But she has no arse.

  • personhs

    Nothing wrong with having a small arse... well I suppose you think so, don't you?

  • I didn't say there is anything wrong with it.
    It was just a statement of fact.

  • Shaun9lives

    If you check out the company's website, none of the models have any bumps in the trunk :(

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