Damn You Suck At Multitasking: Bar Worker Walking And Changing TV Channel Plummets Down 10-Foot Hole

August 28, 2012


Seen here already walking on air, a bar employee changing the channel on a television unknowingly prepares to plummet down a 10-foot hole in the floor. Why the f*** is there a 10-foot hole in the floor? No clue, but it probably shouldn't be left unattended. That's like city workers removing a manhole cover then going on break without putting up any orange cones. Something awesome is bound to happen.

Eoin was working behind the bar doing sound for bands and such and he was walking looking at the TV and did not see the hole which was actually a small elevator shaft used to bring up towels and such from the basement.

Wow, I feel like that elevator shaft should maybe come up into a little cabinet or something instead of just a gaping hole. Dude is actually okay and only sprained an ankle and knee, but if I were him I'd still be suing for workman's comp or whatever. At least haggle the manager for a free bar tab. YOU ALMOST TOOK MY LEGS YOU SON OF A BITCH.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to brushtag (?) and Taryn, who have both seen me trip on cracks in the sidewalk trying to walk my dog and text at the same time. I SAID STOP YOUR LAUGHING.

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