Damn Rich People: $19,000 Solid Gold Shoelaces

August 8, 2012


Coming soon to a rap video near you, these $19,000 shoelaces by Mr. Kennedy are made from solid woven gold. They're limited to 10 sets, include hand-delivery and lacing anywhere in the world, are crafted in a Colombian sweatshop using "ancient, artisan jewelry techniques" and take over 120 hours to produce. $19,000 a little out of your shoelace budget? No worries, they're also selling 30 sets of silver ones for a paltry $3,000. Me? I'm on more of a bronze shoelace kind of budget. "Your shoes have holes in them." It's not polite to call a person poor you know. "Your shoelaces are twist-ties!" Okay now you're just being hateful.

Hit the jump for some closeups.




Thanks to Christian, who agrees if anybody comes to the rollerskating rink with gold shoelaces in their sneakers they're gonna be returning their skates to find their shoes laceless.

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